Review & Plan - Tuesday


A quick look over the monthly, weekly and daily charts first.

On the monthly profiles we can see the ES is trading back inside the value area from March, which was when the market broke out to the upside following the strong sell-off at the beginning of the year. Until the market begins to accept prices back inside last month's range, I would expect more longer time frame selling.

We can see on the weekly chart  below that the market is currently under the low volume area at the bottom of the major volume distribution on the right  hand 5 year composite profile - this I would expect to be defended by sellers.

The daily chart has the yearly VWAP and standard deviation bands below. Yesterday's low came a point short of hitting it and left a poor low on the market profile.


A strong rally in Europe has lifted the ES and the range is currently 1982.25-2011.75, on much lighter volume than the past two days.


The market has got long overnight and has attempted to push into the gap above yesterday's open. The gap area maybe filled but longer time frame selling is still expected to step in on rallies in my view. 

The 2011-13 resistance zone is an important area short term and the 1999 level is key for bulls to hold above.