Finding yourself a good value, helpful and reliable brokerage is extremely important for you as a trader, obviously. I have been using Stage 5 for the past few months and have found them to be exactly that. 

They are an introducing broker, so rates can be slightly higher than with a FCM directly or deep discount broker. However, one of the most important points is that you can get through to a broker quickly by phone if you need to, in case of an emergency. Saving a few cents in commission is false economy if, for example, you need to cancel a trade if there was a power cut and you get put on hold for ages while your position goes against you.

As well as the excellent and speedy service, you also have access to the Stage 5 chatroom run by Morad Askar (aka FuturesTrader71) and his regular private webinars for Stage 5 members. There is tremendous value in these alone by getting direct access to a successful professional trader. 

Another advantage I have found is that I can pay for one data feed and have it power both my Sierra Charts platform and have my Jigsaw Trading tools connected through S5 trader at the same time. This was not possible through Ninja, for example. 

To give it a try you can sign up to a demo account here or apply to open an account here.

If you have any questions my broker is Ian Blanke, who I can highly recommend, and his email is: