ES review & plan

The market broke through the weak low left from Monday and Tuesday and pushed into last Friday's range. There is still a weak low looking vulnerable at 2097.00 and a naked VPOC underneath at 2091.50.  Yesterday's overnight low at 2108.50 is a bull/bear level for me today.

Overnight the range is currently 2101.00-2112.75 versus settlement at 2099.50. Jobless Claims and Personal  Income and Outlays are the main numbers due today at 7.30am ct. More conflicting headlines have caused volatility overnight and continue to dominate algo driven moves.

The zone chart also has a micro composite volume profile of the past week which shows that the majority of volume has traded between 2113.00-2116.50. The 2108.50-09.75 zone is my bull/bear for today.