ES review & plan

Yesterday left a very symmetrical profile overlapping lower relative to Tuesday. The early move higher tested the POC/VPOC and reversed, auctioning below Tuesday's low briefly but came back inside the range. The FOMC minutes did very little to surprise and apart from the low liquidity wide bar following the release, the session remained balanced. A prominent POC was left at 2074.25 which longs will want to hold above for continuation of the short term trend higher away from current balance.

The overnight range is currently 2067.25-78.00, within yesterday's RTH range. Jobless claims are at 7.30ct which will be especially closely monitored given last Friday's NFP release.

The 2065-67 area has been tested and bought several times in the past few days, and this is my bull/bear zone currently. If the market is strong I wouldn't expect a test of the overnight low after the open. 

I'm using my support & resistance zones with a long bias, unless we break below the bull/bear zone.