Wednesday Prep

New all time highs in yesterday's overnight session didn't get hit during the RTH session, so we now have an RTH high at 2904.25 and Globex ATH at 2906.25. This continues to hold above the prior ATH from January at 2888.75 (back adjusted).

The monthly, weekly and daily bars are all trending higher, and as long as the market doesn't accept back below 2888.75 then the breakout remains valid. If we see a move down to yesterday's weak low, a push through could see buyers step in at the 2892-93.25 zone (Monday's RTH morning pullback low and mid). Monday's open and the prior ATH at 2888.75 could see a buy response but if that fails to hold, there remains a range gap in play from the end of last week to this, which would be the initial target down to the 2874.75-77.25 zone. 

Overnight so far the range is 2897.50-2905.00, holding for the most part above yesterday's VPOC/POC. Continuation of the dominant trend is the primary expectation, with potential to consolidate and attempt to shake out short term longs beforehand. 

Today's zones of interest are below. Overnight support zone: 2897.50-99.50, Overnight resistance zone 2903.25-05.25