Wednesday Prep

The daily chart above shows the volume at price since the start of the year (left profile)and we can see price has made a bullish recovery over the past few sessions and is looking like it wants to breakout to the upside. This is going to need volume and momentum, together with broad market strength or else this could lead to a false move. If this does turn out to be a false move then the weak structure left from last Friday could be revisited sooner rather than later. If, however, the rally does have legs then the next major upswing swing high is at 2718.50 (a poor high left in the 4/17 overnight session). Although I don't use trend lines per se in my analysis, I need to be aware that many do and the upper trendline on the daily is also shown (around the 2704 level today).

Yesterday's profile balanced overlapping below Monday, though still supportive of Friday's bullish move. Trading got choppy in the afternoon with headlines about Iran, sometimes false, took crude on a rollercoaster ride.

Overnight so far, the range is 2666.50-84.50 versus settlement at 2670.25.

PPI-FD is due at 07:30 ET and a 10 Year Note auction at 12:00 ET. Zones of interest for today are shown below. Short term bullish bias if the 68.25-70.75 zone holds or it could turn neutral again. Holding above the 81-82.25 micro bull/bear could see a squeeze higher.