Wednesday Prep

The market had spiked higher pre-market following CPI data that was in line with estimates. There was an attempt to push through the overnight highs after the open but as you can see in the 1 min chart above, the TICK was not showing strong bullish readings with the move and we eventually saw a precipitous move lower. The retest of the overnight low at 2788.00 (also within the bull/bear zone I was using) was probably the best R:R opportunity for a short following the impulsive move lower. The weak structure from last Friday was revisited and 'repaired'. However, there's still a large open gap which is why I was reluctant to put a green zone ahead of it.

I'm travelling today so won't be able to trade but have updated the zones below. The 86-89.50 area still looks key for sellers to defend and a move and hold above there could put the squeeze on the shorts once again. Retail sales and PPI are due at 07:30 ET.