Monday Prep

Screenshot 2017-08-21 12.43.03.png

Friday opened below the prior day low though the underlying market internals were not overly weak. Once the first hour range had been broken we saw a balance breakout, trapping shorts in the prior day's range until better sell response stepped in. During 'I' period above, the one timeframing higher stopped at a time when there were still single prints at 28-28.50 left from the breakout and VPOC still at 25.00. A poor low was left at 19.50 on the day.

Overnight so far the range is 2419.75-31.50, versus settlement at 26.75.

Zones for today below:

Short term bull/bear: 35.00-37.00

Initial Support: 20.50-22.50   Initial Resistance: 27.75-30.25 

Bias: neutral/bearish