Friday Plan


Ahead of the employment numbers, the market has tested lower and found buyers which broke yesterday's high. The current range is 2270.50-80.50 on light volume.


If we see a very strong number there could be some fireworks as the dollar will likely rally hard after its recent selloff. There has already been some short covering by the look of it overnight. The zones for today are below and the long term bias remains bullish and short term is more neutral/bullish. I'd want to see the 70-71.25 bull/bear zone to keep more bias to long setups, though if that breaks 62.25-64.50 is the high volume area which could still see a strong response, though caution's needed as there's potential for a decent liquidation break if that fails. Above, the resistance areas are all potential areas sellers could step in so strong volume and momentum is needed to push through.