Tuesday Prep

After Friday's pop to new all time highs, we got some minor liquidation yesterday which balanced below the overnight low for the majority of time. The initial move up from initial support fell short by 1 tick of the prior VPOC and initial resistance zone. Underlying stock momentum was weak throughout the day (see NYSE TICK) and failure to regain the overnight low were cautionary signals on longs. There was a quick move below Friday's open (66.50) which was quickly reversed. Failure to hold above there puts the continuation of the bullish trend back into question in the short term. Long term remains bullish and we'd need to see a break and hold below last week's low before there's any risk of that changing.

Zones of interest for today are below. Acceptance below the 65.50-66.75 zone is a sign of short term weakness, though we could still see reactions at the zones below. I would also expect selling response at the resistance zones marked, though this would be against the long term trend and caution is needed if momentum and volume is behind a rally.