Review & Plan - Tuesday


The day finished neutral/bullish forming a P shaped profile, a buying tail and a poor high. Volume was only 1.1m for the full session which gives less confidence to the move attempt higher.

I've just begun recording which of the key levels get tested and rejected intra-day. Yesterday's day session below.

RZ/SZ are resistance and support zones the day


The market is balancing in the lower value area of the current range. The range is currently 2151.25-2160.75 on low volume versus settlement at 2160.00


The buying tail in yesterday's day session would be expected to hold if longs are want to hold yesterday's move. The test lower overnight has my bull/bear zone for today at 2151.25-52.25, but ideally for longs, the 55.50 holds for an attempt to break yesterday's poor high and target the highs. Inititial resistance is at 60.00-61.50.

If the first move is higher and there's failure to break 60, we could test the overnight low and into lower zones. Volume and momentum assesment in realtime is needed.