Review & Plan - Wednesday


Value shifted higher once again in yesterday's day session. The afternoon attempt to break through the morning high saw a 1 tick failure. There remains an open gap to Monday's high and a poor high left on yesterday's profile.

2147.00 is the current VPOC for this week, and will be an important level for today.

The day session below on the 1 min chart includes the VWAP and 1st,2nd,3rd standard deviation bands with the day's volume profile and market internals, together with the initial support zone at 2136.75-38.25.

Cumulative delta was heavily sold off after the morning high at 2149, showing big negative divergence.


The range has so far been 2142.00-52.25 versus settlement at 2145.75

The main overnight news was the uncovered German 10 yr bund auction at -0.05% (first time negative yield auction).


No change in zones for today, just adding 2141.25-43.25 as initial support. Bias remains bullish up to inital resistance at 2156.75-58.25