Review & Plan - Thursday

Yesterday's overnight move higher to test the composite VPOC at 2061.50 got the market long overnight which corrected itself as the day progressed though still left an open gap from Tuesday's high and settle.

Overnight has tested down to Tuesday's settle and found buyers back to the prior POC/VPOC.

The weekly and daily trends remain bullish, though the market is consolidating short term following the spike higher after Yellen's speech. Developing value of the current range after the breakout is imbalanced higher currently though the 2061.50-70.50 area is a high volume and time area spent historically so this has potential for rotational trade within or rejection/breakout underneath/above. Any outliers in tomorrows NFP could give us the answer to that.

Zones for today at quarter end are below and I'm looking for an attempt to push higher into the resistance zones shown. If the market fails to hold above the overnight low there is potential for a liquidation break into the poor structure from Tuesday.

Ideally I would want the 52.75-53.75 overnight support to hold for a sign of strength to the upside.