Friday Prep

Yesterday's overnight breakout attempt failed and we saw the RTH high fail to push above the prior day's value. The morning break lower held just above Monday's globex swing low and most of the afternoon traded around the current range vpoc at 2135. 

So far overnight the range is 2128.75-38.50 and has been in a downtrend from the high. Going into the open I'm using 32.25 as a bull/bear level ( yesterday's overnight low/Weds RTH low/overnight vwap/weekly vwap).

Holding below 32.25 increases chances of move to close Monday's settlement gap and nVPOC and test the poor low at 16.75. The 16.50-18.50 zone is where we may see longer time frame support. Above 32.25, the 37.25-39.25 zone is initial resistance I have for today.