ES review & plan

Value moved higher yesterday, though on the lowest volume of the year at just 792k contracts trading. The high when combined with the prior day is weak and the all time high still is likely to be tested in the RTH. 

The range of the past week or so has been rotating around the 2124.25 micro composite VPOC. There is notable low volume around 2121.00 which is either going to be rejected on a re-test or start to fill in with volume or trade straight threw and push towards 2112.00.

 Overnight the range is currently 2123.00-2131.00 versus settlement at 2128.00. Core CPI came in higher than expected and the Dollar has rallied hard, while bonds, commodities and indices push towards their lows. How price behaves around the 2120 level will be telling for the day's direction in my opinion.