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RTH 30 min Market & Volume Profiles

RTH 30 mins with Volume Profiles

The heavily anticipated announcement from the Fed did not bring a huge range in the end. The initial down move  post news stopped at the prior day's open, reversed and didn't look back.

The daily chart shows the move back up to the composite VPOC and acceptance within the lower part of the composite high volume area (HVA).

Short term remains bullish and a move higher to the top of this HVA could bring in responsive sellers. Once through that area, there's a good chance of seeing a new all time high fairly quickly. If the market fails to push into the HVA, weak longs could liquidate and shorts step in for another move down. We still have a large gap between Monday and Tuesday's RTH range (see above chart).

Daily Globex

Overnight so far the market has continued higher with a range of 2056.00-72.75. Short term bias is bullish with value shifting higher, but this is an area the market may slow until it is either rejected below or above. 

I'm using 2063-64 as overnight support into the open, and below that am cautious with longs. Below the overnight low, we could see more short term liquidation to find support.