ES review & plan

Yesterday morning was fairly choppy, though still holding above the prior day's VPOC. The longer time frame bias was bullish  and once buyers could hold above the overnight high, upward momentum kicked in. Market internals were very strong for the second half of the day and the uptrend continued right up to the close, pushing through the top of the range 

Volume was reasonable at 1.7m ES contracts and 3.7bn shares on NYSE.

Overnight has remained above the breakout level so far, with the range 2013.75-2023.00 currently, versus settle at 2019.00. Longs remain firmly in control for now and will be buying dips at support areas. Above,  2025.25 was the 07/05 low and 2037.50 the 08/12 low where the market broke down through, so looking for potential response by sellers there. Below, the 2010/12 area is now initial support and 2000/02 next strong area of support I'm looking at.

Today's data due is here.