ES review & plan

There was an early test of Tuesday's POC and stopped a tick above the VPOC after the open, and then swiftly reversed leaving a long buying tail. A leak of the expected ECB announcement pushed prices above a high volume area on the composite profile and settled within it. 

The upside and downside targets depend very much on whether prices hold above or below the composite high volume area between 2026-2030. We're going to see longer timeframe money in the market today after the ECB news which lowers the odds that short term traders will be moving prices off of day timeframe references. The composite volume profile should provide areas to lean on to enter on a pullback of a move. 

Overnight the market has moved higher again, along with crude. Bonds and the dollar have sold off. The ECB decision is at 06:45 ct with the press conference at 07:30 ct, along with jobless claims.