ES Recap & Preparation

Yesterday saw the market open within the prior day's range and push higher leaving a buying tail. Shorts appeared to be under pressure as there was little pullback and it remained balanced at the higher end of the range for most of the day until a further push higher forced shorts to cover and squeezed up to settle at 1900. 

Pit Session

Pit Session

Direction for today really depends on how the market reacts around some key levels. Overnight has been strong but cumulative delta is fairly neutral. Apple earnings beat forecasts but China released the weakest GDP growth in 5 years.

Levels of Interest:

1918.25  Resistance from prior breakout

1913.00 50% retracement on daily pit session hours

1909.00 CLVN

1906.00 Oct 13th high

1900.00 prior settle

1898.75 top of yesterday's single prints

1897.00 prior HVN

1888.50 prior IBH

1888.25 prior POC

1887.00 prior VPOC

1879.00 top of yesterday's buying tail

1875.25 prior open

1874.50 prior low

1870.00 Oct 19th low